Forest Cup 2024 Event #3 Hucks Avenue, Woodhill Forest


Sun 08 Sep 2024 10:00 — 14:00

Event information

Auckland Forest Cup Series # 3 

Hucks Avenue, Woodhill Forest (hosted by North West Orienteering Club)

Orienteering in Woodhill Forest - an area with awesome intricate sand dune terrain in an open pine forest.  The red courses offer challenging, technical orienteering.  White/ Yellow and Orange courses make greater use of tracks  and easier terrain.

This event is part of the Forest Cup Series. This is a 4-race event shared by the three Auckland Region Clubs – NWOC, CMOC, AOC.  There will be a points competition across the series culminating in a Series Finale on the 15th September.

Pre-entry  will be via enterO

9 courses

Course   Approximate Distance
Red 1    
Red 2    
Red 3    
Red 4    
Orange Long    
Orange Short    

White                        Very easy. Controls (= checkpoints) are on tracks or linear features such as fences, streams etc.
Yellow                        Easy: Controls are on or visible from linear features such as tracks, fences, streams and vegetation boundaries.
Orange Short           Moderate difficulty. You should only choose an orange course if you have successfully completed Yellow courses.  The course will offer route choice to controls which are NOT on tracks. You should understand contours and be able to use a compass to determine direction.
Orange Long            Moderate difficulty. As above, but a longer distance.
Red 1,2,3 & 4           Difficult, technical courses for more experienced orienteers.  You should only choose a red course if you have successfully completed several orange level courses. Courses have route choice, areas of complex detail, and small point features.
Purple                       Technically difficult (like red courses) but less physically challenging course aimed at older orienteers.

  • Orienteering - on Foot - you choose your pace. Usually as individuals but groups can go together.
    All welcome (and you don't need to be a member to get started)
  • Select from a range of 9 courses of varying length and difficulty. Suitable for all ages, levels, and beginners. Some children need to be accompanied by adult.
  • You may start any time between 10am to 12:00 pm (noon). If you would like do do more than one course - please ensure you restart before 12:00pm
  • Courses close: 2:00pm unless otherwise stated. Please plan and ensure you return to the finish by course closure time.