Forest Cup

Forest Cup 2023

This is a 4-race event shared by the three Auckland Region Clubs – NWOC, CMOC, AOC.  There will be a points competition across the series culminating in a Series Finale on the 17th September: 

Event 1 - 13th August - Temu Road Coast – AOC
Event 2 - 20th August - Mushroom Road – NWOC
Event 3 - 10th September - Waiuku Forest South – CMOC
Event 4 - 17th September - Deacon Road – NWOC

Forest Cup General Info

If you wish to be part of the Forest Cup points competition, please read below, if not then please feel free to enter the course of your choosing.

  • There is a points competition with points based on time behind the winner.
  • There will be a prize giving after the final based on the best 3 scores across the 4 events. Top 3 in all grades will be celebrated.
  • Enter online (preferred) or at the event by choosing your course, as usual for Auckland events.
  • You will be automatically assigned to the most appropriate grade for the course you have entered. See table below.
  • Some very competitive orienteers may choose to "run up" a course from that of their typical age grade. An example: Someone who is eligible for the M14 grade (which is on the Orange Long course) may choose to enter the Red 3 course and will score points in the M16 grade.
  • Some more casual orienteers may choose to "run down" a course from that of their typical age grade. They will score points in the open grade for that course.

Points after 2 events (Temu Rd Coastal & Mushroom Rd)

 Scoring for the competition will be best 3 scores from the 4 events

  • We have assigned people to the Correct Grade based on their Year of Birth entered in Enter O
  • For anybody entering on the day we have added you to the Open Grades
  • If you enter the remaining races via Enter O this will automatically correct itself
  • We’ve automatically created the points so there may be some errors – please communicate these via NWOC or AOC Facebook so we can fix
  • We have only taken the first run for the scores and highlighted the 2nd runs in red

PointsMenWomen & Open classes