Results NZSSOC2019

Results NZSSOC2019


Friday, 23/8/19: Relay results

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Saturday, 24/8/19: Long results

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Sunday, 25/8/19: Sprint results

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Results Interschool competitions

* Year 7/8 Competition    * Small Schools Competition    * Premier Point Competition     

* Overall Overview Winners NZSSOC2019

During the final day, calculating the points for the different competitions, a mistake was made. Northcross Intermediate was named as the winner in the Girls' category, while recalculated, St. Cuthberts had exactly the same number of points. This means that the trophy should have been shared by the two schools. 


Interschool competitions:

Three interschool competitions are contested at the National Secondary Schools Orienteering Championships each year.

1. Top Secondary School Competition

This is the longest running competition and caters for the broadest spread of students. It is intended that the trophies go to the schools that display the greatest depth of orienteering talent at all levels. There are separate trophies for boys and girls.

Only three competitors in each age grade (senior, intermediate, junior) will contribute to the school's points. That is, a maximum of nine competitors (three at each age grade) will be able to earn points for their school.

Relay: Only the highest positioned team from any school in each age grade will count. Runners in composite teams do not count.

Long: In the individual competition the best three results at each age grade, whether in the Championship or Standard event, will count. At least one of these results must be from the Championship level: a school entering all its competitors at the Standard level will be able to count only two results.

Sprint: In the individual (sprint) competition the best three results at each age grade will be counted.


2. Premier School Competition

This competition offers boys' and girls' trophies. It is aimed at encouraging schools to support their top performing competitors at the national level. The winners are the schools that have the best performance by their top competitors at Championship level only.


3. Small Teams Competition

This competition is to cater for schools who have insufficient numbers or an inadequate spread of students to compete seriously in the Top School Competition. It is restricted to schools that have entered five or less competitors. There are separate boys' and girls' competitions. Certificates are awarded to the winning school and the place getters. This competition will be based on results in the Top School Competition.