# Katoa Po 2018

Katoa Po 2018

By Scott Carswell 

Katoa Po 2018 was a huge success for North West this year. Three brave teams of North West members travelled down and battled the hilly terrain that Taupo had to offer as well as facing the freezing temperatures that come with running through the middle of the night. With great performances from everyone, North West was able to overtake our Hawkes Bay rivals and secure the 7-person trophy for another year and our 5-person team finished a strong second.

However, what set North West apart from the rest of the pack (besides winning obviously) was the fantastic club spirit that was portrayed by every member of the club. Whilst others had gone to bed at a more reasonable hour, North West truly showed how encouraging and enthusiastic we are by not only cheering our own runners in but also cheering in those last few finishers who were still coming in at ridiculously early times of the morning. The social aspect of Katoa Po is what really makes this such a special event and the fact that our members were cheering and screaming all throughout the night made Katoa Po that much more enjoyable for everyone.Katoa Po was an excellent event to be a part of this year and I hope that all those that went down enjoyed themselves. I hope to see all of you again next year and hopefully some new faces too.

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