Member Profiles

Junior and Elite orienteers

NWOC has a small but talented group of junior orienteers, often representing New Zealand in Australia as part of the New Zealand Secondary Schools (NZSS) Team. NWOC's elite orienteers compete at the highest level. Most years NWOC athletes are selected to compete for New Zealand at the Junior World Orienteering Championships (JWOC), World University Orienteering Championships (WUOC) and the World Orienteering Championships (WOC). 

Alex de Beer Alex was awarded King Trophy for Most Improved Newcomer at the 2016 NWOC prizegiving.
Cameron Bonar Cameron was awarded the Most Improved Junior Male at the 2018 NWOC prizegiving.
Gene Beveridge Gene has competed at numerous JWOC's, WUOC's and WOC's since 2010. Outside of orienteering, he is also a top trail runner claiming a few race records at events such as the Tussock Traverse and The Hillary. He was awarded the Stone Trophy for the Most Outstanding Performance of the Year in 2017 for his 1st M21E Long placement at the Oceania Championship.
Renee Beveridge Renee has represented New Zealand at JWOC, WUOC and WOC since 2013. In 2017 she was rewarded the North West Shield for the Most Valuable Service to NWOC.
Kayla Fairbairn Kayla has been to numerous JWOC's since 2014 and most recently participated in JWOC 2017, Finland. She was the 2017 NWOC Top Junior Female winner.
Cameron de L'Isle Cameron was awarded Top Junior Male at the 2016 NWOC prizegiving for his performance at his first JWOC in Switzerland. He has competed at JWOC 2017 and won the 2017 NWOC Top Junior Male award. In 2018, Cameron represented New Zealand both at WOC and JWOC.
Tegan Knightbridge Tegan represented New Zealand at World University Orienteering Championships in Finland in July '18, followed by the Junior World Mountain Bike Orienteering Championships in Austria in August '18.
Johan Kvasnicka Johan started orienteering as a young adult, combining his talent for running long distance with the challenge of finding your way in unfamiliar territory. 
Jula McMillan Jula has been representing New Zealand at JWOC's since 2010 and WOC in 2016.
Daniel Monckton Daniel was selected for the 2015 NZSS Team for the Southern Cross Challenge in Australia. In 2018, Daniel was selected for JWOC in Hungary.
Matt Ogden Matt has competed for New Zealand since 2010 at numerous JWOC's, WUOC's and WOC's.  His most significant achievement is being the first New Zealander to win a medal at a Word Championship when he claimed gold in the middle distance at JWOC 2012 in Slovakia.  
Jessica Sewell Jessica was selected for the 2017 NZSS Team for both the test match against Australia during Oceania and for the Southern Cross challenge in Australia.
Charli Spence Charli was selected in the NZSS representative team, known as the Southern Cross Team, to compete in the Australian Schools Champs in September 2022.
Heidi Stolberger Heidi representied New Zealand at the World University Orienteering Championships in Finland in July '18.
Liam Stolberger Liam was awarded Most improved Junior Male at the 2016 NWOC prizegiving.
Thomas Stolberger Thomas has been orienteering since 2003.
Cameron Tier Cameron has represented New Zealand at JWOC in 2014 and 2015. He came second at M21E Oceania sprint 2017, and second in the sprint and third in the Long at the 2018 NZ Nationals.
Alice Tilley Alice has been to JWOC a number of times and was awarded Top Junior Female at the 2016 NWOC prize giving for her 2016 JWOC performance. She also be competed at JWOC 2017. 


Many of our masters orienteers continue to perform at the top levels of their age grade, while others form the backbone of the club organisation: many manage both! 

Mike Beveridge Mike has a huge passion for orienteering in schools and started the very succesful Auckland Secondary Schools Sprint Series, which he ran from 2009 until 2019. In addition, he is NWOC's mapping expert. 
Oliver Braun Oliver is a new member, joining the club in 2021. He is determined to only run Red 1 courses, with his overall times coming down fast...
Jenny Cade Jenny contributes a huge amount behind the scenes as NWOC's former President and former Club Secretary and currently as committee member. In addition, she was the event manager for the 2015 and the 2018 JAFA carnival, a role for which she received the ONZ Administrator of the Year award twice.
Collins family Madeleine and Shaun Collins are widely known through their company Lactic Turkey Events, which has long created and hosted outdoor adventure events. Some of you will have followed Shaun’s crazy endeavours in the ultra-distance Revenant Race.
Trevor Carswell Trevor is the organiser / persuader / motivator behind the NWOC Katoa Po Night Relay teams and the NWOC expert on lights and Health & Safety procedures.
Philip Elworthy Philip was the winner of the North West Shield for Most Improved Senior at the 2017 NWOC prizegiving.
Carmen Fookes Carmen was the winner of the King Trophy for Most Improved Newcomer at the 2017 NWOC prizegiving.
Jonine Fuss Jonine recently rejoined NWOC, after having been a very successful member in her youth.
Rob Garden Rob is a legend in the NW club! His infectious enthusiasm for orienteering and genuine desire to make it an enjoyable experience for anyone new has resulted in a huge number of new members over the years. Club Captain, coordinator of the Rogaine Series and organiser of trips to overseas events.
Chris & Yett Gelderman Chris and Yett have been involved with NW since the early1980s, infected by the enthusiasm of daughter Marquita. 
Marquita Gelderman Marquita's competitive record includes multiple National titles in foot-O as well as top placings in World MTBO events. She is an IOF- accredited controller, an ONZ selector and a member of the ONZ Technical Committee.
Kaye Griffiths Kaye has been involved in orienteering for many years. She is the former NWOC newsletter editor.
Nick Harris As former NWOC President, Nick loves orienteering in the M40 grade as well as running with his three kids.
Annemarie Hogenbirk Annemarie was brought to orienteering via her daughters involvement with the AKSS series. She is the club's secretary and organised the 2019 NZ Secondary School Champs and the 2021 Nationals.
Andrew de l'Isle Andrew was awarded North West Shield for Most Improved Senior at the 2015 NWOC prizegiving.
Allan Janes Allan has been orienteering for over 20 years, and is currently one of the members of the NWOC committee.
Mark Lawson Mark is a long time and very valued NW member - he is a stalwart volunteer at events - always putting his hand up to help out - often one of the first to arrive and one of the last to leave! As a coach, his patient approach and vast knowledge is always appreciated.
Geoff Mead Geoff is one of those members who is always willing and ready to help, and with a positive outlook and a great sense of humour. His considerable experience and measured approach is valued by all.
Lisa Mead Lisa has won multiple National Titles, currently as a W55. She was the Club Treasurer from 2012 until 2019, is the current President, helps out behind the scenes as membership coordinator and newsletter editor.
Owen Means Owen was awarded the North West Shield for the Most Valuable Service to the Club at the 2015 NWOC prizegiving. He has created the Enter-O event entries system used for Oceania.

David Melrose

David Melrose has been a member of NWOC for many years. He was one of a group of orienteers including Ross Brighouse, Kevin Ireland, Rob Garden, Max Kerrison, John Rix and others who dominated the 21 grade in the 80’s.
Dave Middleton Dave Middleton is one of our most popular and successful club members. He always has a smile and encouraging words to say!
Monckton family The Moncktons won the North West Shield for the Most Valuable Service to the Club at the 2018 NWOC prizegving. Nick is now active in organising orienteering events in Whangarei.
Rob Murphy Rob is an active club member who can always be relied upon to put his hand up to help out and always wearing that infectious smile! We value his years of experience and expertise.
Pip Poole Pip is a North West member who has given back to the sport in many ways, as a former Club President, a representative on the ONZ council and currently as a NWOC committee member.
Steve Pyatt Steve has been a club member for many, many years, with his first orienteering event in 1979.
Suzanne Stolberger Suzanne was awarded North West Shield for Most Improved Senior at the 2016 NWOC prizegiving.
Lesley Stone Lesley Stone who has been a member since the late 70’s. Over the years she has done it all - Club President (first female president), Course Setting, Newsletter editor, NZ Rep…
She was in the NZ team competing against Australia and has also competed in USA and Canada.