# Katoa Po 2017

Katoa Po 2017 

Two reports follow on the 2017 Katoa Po - one from organiser, Trevor Carswell and the second, filling in the Junior perspective, from Sofie Šafková and Jessica Sewell.

Katoa Po

By Trevor Carswell

Well done to the entire North West team that braved the elements to attend the 37th Katoa Po event.  With the country being attacked by a major weather bomb, we all thought it was going to be a race of survival.  With phone calls to Taupo to confirm it was still on, we took the plunge, bit the bullet, and headed south.  Somehow, Taupo managed to become the eye of the

great storm.  While the weather raged around us, competitors and spectators watched in T-shirts till midnight and beyond.  And a few of us indulged in the mulled wine on offer, even motivating some on the promise of a glass upon returning!  It only rained for 5 mins at 1am.  I admit, it bucketed down around 2.30am once we were all tucked up in our tents.  Morning delivered a fantastic sunrise, and many stayed on for the Rogaine that followed.

NWOC fielded half of the 7-Person teams.  Great effort there!  Our winning team finishing a comfortable 20min ahead of second place getters, Hawkes Bay.  Our only 5-Person team fought a fantastic fight, finishing a close second to BOP, ex NWOC Greg Flynn running for BOP surely making the difference there. :)

Thanks to Scott and Cameron D for team selection.  Grand effort there.  You have jobs for life!

Special Awards:

Trevor Carswell
Award was for attending 35 of 36 Katoa Po's.  (That long ago!) I missed the first as I had no idea what orienteering was at that time! The significance of hat?  As a fun event, I've always endeavoured to wear a different hat every year, which they added to the certificate.

Adrian Griffiths:
Last Person Home:  Someone has to.  Why not a NWOC member?

Jan Safka:
Best Story of the Night: Jan's course crossed an impenetrable gully 200m wide. Jan missed the tiny detail on the marked crossing on his map which Taupo members had cut that day. After visiting his first control Jan entered the gully making his own track straight into the fight, almost never to be seen again. Well done for the huge effort getting out. Those that saw it in day light have no idea how he did it!

Full list of NW competitors:
Scott Carswell, Cameron Tier, Cameron de L'Isle, Liam Stolberger, Thomas Stolberger, Gene Beveridge, Jessica Sewell, Rosie Monckton, Daniel Monckton, Nick Monckton, Adrian Griffiths, Kaye Griffiths, Penelope Salmon, Petra Safkova, Jan Safka, Sebastian Safka, Sofia Safkova, Cameron Bonar, Manon Bonar, Jula McMillan, Suzanne Stolberger, Liam Stolberger, Thomas Stolberger, Heidi Stolberger, Alison Carswell.

Katoa Po 

By Sofie Šafková and Jessica Sewell

As most of you know, many Northwest orienteers travelled down to Taupo for a crazy night of orienteering at the 37th annual all night relays called Katoa Po. It was a perfect ending to the very wet and rainy week for everyone.

On Saturday evening, our younger members set the Northwest teams off to a great start at the event by zooming through their courses in amazing times, making a good effort in the tricky terrain with having to dodge many holes and tomos which were very tricky to see in the dark.

Waiting for the runners at Katoa Po to come back is never boring, because there is such a good atmosphere and excitement in the air among everyone.
Well done to everybody who competed in the night relays and the mini 1hr Rogaine which was held on the Sunday.

Northwest did really well in the ‘team of seven’ relay, coming first in front of both Hawkes Bay teams and the Auckland team, and in the ‘team of five’ relay coming second just behind Bay of Plenty.

Teams of seven relay:
Winner: Northwest 7.3
3:43:17 - Rosie Monckton (23:09); Sofie Safkova (19:18); Sebastian Safka (23:47); Daniel Monckton (27:38); Cameron de Lisle (39:51); Cameron Tier (45:20); Gene Beveridge (44:14).

Teams of five relay:
Winner: Bay of Plenty;
Northwest 5.1 coming 2nd
2:37:01 - Manon Bonar (17:44); Jessica Sewell (19:32); Liam Stolberger( 28:59 ); Heidi Stolberger( 38:56); Thomas Stolberger( 51:50).

Again huge congratulations to not only these two teams but to all the Northwest members who participated and made this event as awesome and enjoyable as it was. Another huge thanks to Trevor Carswell (a valuable Northwest club member) who always ensures a great Northwest presence at this great event and who never forgets to bring the craziness with his funky hats. 

We hope to see more people in Northwest tops next year at this spectacular event, as it is truly an event that shouldn’t be missed.

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