# Rogaine 2021

Bivouac Outdoor Rogaine #2

Text by Lisa Mead

Once again around 300 competitors enjoyed another fun rogaine in the private Slater Road forest and in Woodhill Forest, with beautiful sand dune terrain, mostly open clean running and no mud to speak of. Big thanks to course planners Kay Knightbridge and Beth Spence, controller Renee Beveridge and of course to Rob Garden and Marquita Gelderman, who opened up their property to us. Rob also spent many hours leaf-blowing the pine-needles off more than 9 kms of forest tracks – no blaming vague tracks for your errors!
National elite champion, Matt Ogden, travelled up from Nelson to take the win, visiting all checkpoints in just over 70 minutes, while Kayla Fairbairn was impressive in also bagging all checkpoints, albeit with a penalty for being just 9 minutes over the time limit.
A number of canine participants also enjoyed the forest along with their human navigators.

Thank you to our sponsors Bivouac Outdoor and Boric Orchards.

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