# Scross 2019 Relay

2019 Southern Cross Secondary Schools Challenge - race report

By Liam Stolberger, member of the New Zealand Harua team

I would like to talk about the Secondary Schools Champs Relay. Throughout the week I hadn’t been doing as well as I had been hoping to do, with the day before in the schools long ending up in around 19th place after a series of mistakes and from the heat, which was around 30 degrees. So, going into the relay I was looking forward to the event as relays are one of my favorite events, and was hoping to be able to pull out a good run, especially being in the official team for the NZ Harua team. I was on the second leg, with Patrick being on first and Will being third. Our first leg went out and had a few small mistakes meaning that I went out in 8th position. Starting out this map was much more my style, with no rocks and easily readable contours. The course overall went well with me being able to carry a good speed, despite the hilly conditions and the heat which on this day was getting up to 32 degrees. Overall, I managed to only make one significant error in the last loop of the course. Over the course I managed to catch up around 2 minutes on the leaders, and after going out in 8th place being able to come back in, in 3rd place, which our team managed to maintain for the rest of the third leg earning our team a bronze medal. I thought that this course was really fun, and interesting and I was really happy with the result I ended up with.

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